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Software Development

A100 is an apprenticeship program for aspiring software developers.
We work with college students and graduates eager to hone their skills in the craft of software development.

There Is No Substitute For Real-World Experience.

By applying for the A100 program and getting selected as an Apprentice, you’ll be eligible for our free, 12-week talent acceleration program, including training and project work. If you perform well during the training, you’ll be eligible for a part time or full time position with an innovative local company.

We match all high-performing Apprentices with paid part-time or full-time jobs as developers at growing companies.

During your internship you’ll work on real products for real companies here in Connecticut, continuing your journey as a software developer. We’ll stay connected and help ensure that you learn by doing, and stay connected to the local community of developers.

Ted Yang

"Connecticut can fund startups; we can offer them places to work. We can do all that, but if we don't have developers, we're going nowhere."

Nicole Flokos

"Becoming an A100 Apprentice was the best move I’ve made for my education and career in software development."

Anastasia Kulikova

"A100 is a great complement to my academic work because it has given me a chance to experience working on a software development team doing hands-on work on a real project for a real customer."

Blake Praharaj

"I chose apprenticeship with A100 over an offer to work in a tech support position. A100 put me on track to be a software engineer; it was the first time I bet on myself, and it paid off."

Sam Alexander

"A100 matched me up with a job as a Web Developer at MEA Mobile."

Nick Aponte

"The program gave me a foundation as a software developer that complemented my college experience, and introduced me to Square 9 Softworks."

A100 is recognized as an official Meteor Partner.

A100 uses Meteor, MongoDB, Git, and Agile metholodogy to prepare Apprentices to work at Partner Companies.

Here's what the Media has to say about A100:

Our Partner Companies include:

We focus on ensuring Apprentices develop a Minimum Viable Skillset TMto help them thrive and contribute in a software development team.






During training A100 Apprentices are required to meet at least 3 times per week. Each week includes a training session, collaborative work time, and a demo day.

Experiential Learning from Working Professionals

Every week of the A100 program begins with a 2-hour training session. We invite an industry professional to present a technology or concept and guide Apprentices through hands-on activities.

Working with Local Early Stage Ventures

Outside of training sessions Apprentices work in small teams to develop real-world applications for a local early stage venture. These projects build on concepts from training sessions and help Apprentices develop their skills as well as their portfolio.

Apprentices complete a team project and several individual projects over the course of their training.

A Collaborative, Learning-Oriented Environment

During the week we host StudyHall. StudyHall is a meetup time for A100 Apprentices to code with one another and other local software developers. StudyHall is open to anyone who wants to learn about programming.

Matching Apprentices and Entrepreneurs

The week concludes with Demo Day. Apprentices are given 10 minutes or more to present what they have learned and what work they have completed during the week. In the audience are other Cohort members, the A100 program team, and local companies eager to hire new talent.

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A100 Apprentices are trained in technologies and tools that prepare them to work at Partner Companies.

Sample Training Sessions

  • Front-End Web Development
  • Introduction to Agile Software Development
  • Intermediate Front-End Web Development: Web Applications
  • Rapid Prototyping and User-Centered Design
  • Database Development and MongoDB
  • Source Code Management Using Git

Sample Projects

  • Write a program that successfully interacts with a commercial API
  • Build a full-stack product prototype for a startup
  • Create a portfolio site as a personal project
  • Create a database system for matching Apprentices to Companies
  • Create a web application that allows consumers to locate fresh produce nearby

Meet the team behind A100:

Derek Koch

CEO & Founder

Hockey, nachos, and karaoke lover. Seeker of the inner truth of JavaScript, Node.js, Meteor.js, jQuery, and Angular. Dot js. #js

Krishna Sampath

Venture Development Director

A recovering Rubyist, performing vocalist, and trained attorney. Not a huge fan of sweets.

Julio Mansilla

Outreach Manager

Former Apprentice, Senior Apprentice, and recovering Site Manager. Caught between his old flame Java and his new love JavaScript. A prolific hiker.

Chris Impastato

Site Management Lead

Former Apprentice, Senior Apprentice, and Site Manager. Famous for his blues guitar and love of Python. Secret fan of dogelang.

Heriberto Roman

Partner Outreach Lead

Former Apprentice and Site Manager. Self-taught developer. Hockey player extraordinaire and WWE enthusiast.

Educating The Best Developers Possible.

A100 is completely free for Apprentices.

A100 is a program of Independent Software supported by CTNext and our Partner Companies.

A technical background via university coursework or independent study is required for A100 applicants.

Applicants Must Be:


We believe that the best software developers are driven to pursue their craft as an ongoing process.


A significant portion of our curriculum proceeds through team exercises. Learning the skill of working as a team is easier and more efficient in person.

Apply To A100 If You Are:

A working software developer eager to deepen your knowledge or mentor our Apprentices.

A Computer Science or Engineering graduate interested in pursuing a new career at an innovative local company.

A Junior, Senior, or Graduate student in CS, EE, Math, or a related discipline interested in building real-world skills to find a fruitful job after graduation.

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A100 is an Independent Software initiative.

At Independent Software, we help our entrepreneurs win by turning their product idea into reality. We also like to think about how new technologies, trends, and events affect entrepreneurs and innovation. Through initiatives like A100, LaunchX, and The Whiteboard, we contribute to Connecticut's community of startups and innovators that allow entrepreneurs to succeed.